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Doing good and doing well: The intersection of corporate social responsibility and workforce health

Some business leaders explain that “being good is good for business,” a kind of corporate karma if you like. As I understand it, being good as a business generates value for shareholders and stakeholders by improving an organization’s social impact. Being good as a business is also good for employee engagement and productivity. As a […]


How mental shortcuts can become costly detours for employee health

In last week’s post, I covered how the more emotional, “fast-thinking” part of our brains governs our lifestyle choices. One reason for this is that our cognitive capacity has limits, so when we’re tired, stressed or multitasking, we tend to outsource decision-making about lifestyle choices to our more impulsive, emotional brain – often with poor […]

‘Gamified’ app enhances lifestyle change in obese adults

A mobile health-engagement platform in the form of an app can help promote weight loss and adherence to in-person lifestyle modification programs among overweight and obese adults, new research indicates. Results obtained with the Sidekick Health platform were presented June 11 here at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 2017 Scientific Sessions by company cofounder and […]