That Europe is experiencing a boom in the medtech and digital health industry is not a secret. From North to South and East to West, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to focus their efforts in this industry. The boom of the health industry is also supported by the historically highest level of investments into this space.

Here are five European health startups that you should know…

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Patient noncompliance with prescribed medication or recommended health plans threatens recovery and health improvement programs all too often. According to a Johns Hopkins University study of adherence and health care costs, between 25% and 50% of patients do not adhere to medication prescription directions. The annual cost of medication nonadherence results in hundreds of billions of dollars in extra healthcare costs every year. Employers, health organizations and others experience similar high noncompliance rates. Even with employer-paid incentives for improving their health, many employees don’t stick with healthy regimens.

SidekickHealth, founded by Harvard and MIT guest lecturer Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, uses gamification to frame wellness programs as fun ways for employees to improve their health. According to the company, SidekickHealth platform participants have 30% lower dropout rates and are three times more likely to reach 5% weight-loss goals.

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Now in its fourth year, “AXA Health Tech & You” is a program that highlights pressing current health issues and invites the tech community to share how their innovations are well placed to address them.

In partnership with innovation accelerator The Bakery, “AXA Health Tech & You” works to find innovations that can partner with AXA PPP healthcare to possibly integrate the solutions through their member health and wellbeing programs.

SidekickHealth is honored to be named a 2018 finalist in “The Coaching Challenge” award category, which aims to discover technologies that deliver an engaging experience to people attempting a lifestyle change and motivates them to keep to their goals.

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When it comes to health and medtech, Europe is bursting with innovative new ways to help us live longer and healthier lives.

From analytics to apps, wearables to sensors, and headsets to mobile devices, the clever tech revolution reshaping health and medical technologies (medtech) is finding a natural home in Europe.

From Dublin to Zurich, Stockholm to Berlin and elsewhere, the fusion of hardware with software and analytics is creating the perfect storm when it comes to innovations that will help us understand our bodies and hopefully live happier, healthier and longer lives.

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What it does: Makes “gamified” services and apps that promote wellness and lifestyle changes for people with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes.

What happened: The company is in the process of securing another round of funding, said CEO Tryggvi Thorgeirsson. It also won a health care technology award in Europe.

Why it matters: Lifestyle changes are difficult, and Sidekick’s apps are designed to make that easier — and more fun — with personalized wellness and disease-prevention programs.

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