See how our clients are measuring success with SidekickHealth.

Reykjavik City Health Games

Over two weeks, 1,000 Reykjavik City employees completed 125,000 healthy activities on their way to wellness. Find out how teams across Iceland’s capital improved their nutrition, exercise and stress.

Oswego County Health Games

200 employees across Oswego County participated in Health Games, averaging 10 healthy activities per day, with 70% completing prediabetes screening. See what participants learned about their health risks.

Reykjavik City Health Games x3

More than 3,300 employees in Iceland’s capital earned enough water to supply 63 children with drinking and sanitation for 1 year. Discover what else they accomplished over three Health Games events.

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Hear what Sidekickers are saying.

It was fun, I was always earning points for veggies, water, workouts and even housework. I started doing mindfulness exercises with my four-year-old, which gave us great quality time together. Plus, I lost five kilos.

Hlynur HaukssonAirline Employee

I am really seeing results (finally 🙂) after having a little boy four months ago because the SidekickHealth app has made me more mindful and motivated.

Health Games CompetitorCity of Westminster Employee

After 14 years of struggle, I feel for the first time that I will be able to improve my health and achieve long-term success.

Eva Dögg JúlíusdóttirReykjavik City Employee

I absolutely love this app. I have used it in the past for a Health Games competition, and have continued to use it everyday. The workouts are easy, and I am amazed at how quick the steps add up in a day! It has continued to keep me motivated and mindful about my choices.

Health Games CompetitorOswego County Employee

An employee who was frequently absent due to depression and anxiety participated in SidekickHealth’s lifestyle change program.  I’m pleased to say that for the past four months, this employee has only been absent for two days.

HR ManagerReykjavik City