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    Our health and well-being services offer great opportunities for your employees and your organization.

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Your employees are at their best
when they feel their best.

SidekickHealth engages, motivates and empowers employees to become healthier and feel better.

Health Games are two-week health and team-building events that engage employees to compete in health challenges.

Everyone can find something they like in our three categories – food, move and mind – so everyone has an equal chance of winning. Activities range from light chores like vacuuming to tough cross-fit workouts.

Our clients have experienced benefits such as fewer sick days and a boost in morale and productivity.


Have your very own Sidekick on your journey to better health.


Chat with your coach, see what your friends are up to and take on challenges.


Track your progress based on your healthy activities.


Receive daily, personalized priorities that support your goals.


Choose from over 120 activities in three categories: Food, Move and Mind.

Have fun

Charts and graphs don’t exactly motivate us to get healthy. But games, competitions, awards and friends? Now you’re talking.

Stress less

With burnout on the rise, you can empower your people to put their minds at ease both at work and at home.

Make change

A little nudge and the right tools can make a big difference for your health. We’ve got the data to prove it.

  • A new approach. One that really works.

    Our 360° approach helps create lasting habits that can have a life-changing effect for people’s health.

    Our technology is based on behavioral science, developed by doctors, and gamified to make getting healthy fun.

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Participation rate

for Health Games


Healthy activities
per user per day


Program retention

after four months


More likely to
weight goal

  • We’ll get you up and running.

    We know kicking off a new program can be a pain. There’s technology, communication, materials, logistics. But we’ll handle the heavy lifting.

    We provide you with what you need:

    Internal Marketing Materials

    Simple Onboarding Process

    Company Results (Health Report)

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It was fun, I was always earning points for veggies, water, workouts and even housework. I started doing mindfulness exercises with my four-year-old, which gave us great quality time together. Plus, I lost five kilos.

Hlynur HaukssonAirline Employee

I am really seeing results (finally 🙂) after having a little boy four months ago because the SidekickHealth app has made me more mindful and motivated.

Health Games CompetitorCity of Westminster Employee

After 14 years of struggle, I feel for the first time that I will be able to improve my health and achieve long-term success.

Eva Dögg JúlíusdóttirReykjavik City Employee

I absolutely love this app. I have used it in the past for a Health Games competition, and have continued to use it everyday. The workouts are easy, and I am amazed at how quick the steps add up in a day! It has continued to keep me motivated and mindful about my choices.

Health Games CompetitorOswego County Employee

An employee who was frequently absent due to depression and anxiety participated in SidekickHealth’s lifestyle change program.  I’m pleased to say that for the past four months, this employee has only been absent for two days.

HR ManagerReykjavik City
  • Do good while doing well

    1. Complete healthy activities in Sidekick

    2. Collect points for meeting your goals

    3. Earn charity donations for a good cause, such as providing water and vaccines for children in need or planting trees

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