Je suis healthcare professionals

The continued spread of COVID-19 is now widely believed to speed up the adoption of digital health solutions across the healthcare landscape, especially remote healthcare applications designed to reduce pressures on national healthcare systems. The Sidebar takes a closer look and explores how Sidekick’s digital therapeutics solution can be adopted to help and to safeguard healthcare professionals on the frontlines.

“One of the strongest weapons we have to fight the spread of an outbreak is one we carry around every day — our smartphones,” David Maman, the chief executive and founder of video-based vital signs monitoring company Binah.ai, wrote in an article on MobiHealthNews.

“Because health apps on our phones are increasingly leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to provide accurate, real-time insight into a wide range of health measurements, we have the opportunity to unleash remote healthcare solutions like never before,” Maman added in the article, titled Coronavirus prevention may be in your pocket.

Sidekick was founded on the idea that wide adoption of smartphones will revolutionaize the way healthcare is delivered.

The company‘s digital therapeutic solution allows patients to engage with a rich user experience, earning rewards for managing their nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and medication adherence.

The platform’s most common use is remote patient monitoring and support for patients with chronic conditions. Sidekick is currently in talks with its healthcare and pharmaceutical partners on how the the solution can be deployed to help reduce the growing pressure on healthcare professionals through remote care.

“Online consultations cancel the risk of patients transmitting coronavirus to their GPs, and vice versa. They are also much more convenient for patients and doctors in many cases. If just 5% of GP consultations went digital, there would be 300,000 fewer face-to-face visits to a GP a week – each of these could be a potential coronavirus transmission,” Graham Kendall, director of the UK´s Digital Healthcare Council, told the British newspaper The Guardian.

One healthcare professional can support hundreds of patients through the Sidekick-platform and allow people in quarantine or isolation to monitor and report symptoms to the relevant COVID-19 response teams. And open up two-way communication between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as provide general health behavior support – ranging from personalized recommendations for diet, physical activity at home and mental health.

Je suis healthcare professionals!