Sidekick joins forces with Pfizer to offer digital smoking cessation solution

Nordic digital therapeutics innovator SidekickHealth has partnered with global pharmaceutical company Pfizer to develop a digital therapeutic (DTx) smoking cessation solution.

Sidekick specializes in the creation of gamified DTx solutions and programs, transforming chronic and lifestyle disease management across multiple therapeutic areas in alliance with key players in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that the tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever seen, killing more than eight million people a year globally, and the economic costs are substantial – including significant healthcare costs for treating illnesses directly linked to smoking.

“Lifestyle-related diseases cause the majority of global healthcare costs and deaths. Research shows that 10-20% of health results can be attributed to medical care alone, while up to 50% is linked to behavioral factors such as smoking, diet, physical activity, sleep, and remembering to take medication as prescribed,” Sidekick Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Tryggvi Thorgeirsson said.

“As a doctor I have witnessed the harm of smoking and how extremely difficult it can be to quit. We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our partnership with Pfizer into smoking cessation. Our platform is proven to encourage and enforce positive behavior and improved health outcomes. A combined approach with Pfizer will help a lot more people to quit smoking and stick to it,” he added.

With the support of Pfizer Austria, Sidekick is able to expand its platform and implement a new smoking cessation module. “We are happy to provide people, who want to stop smoking with professional help, with a new innovative tool that has a proven track record of helping people make difficult lifestyle changes,” Sylvia Nanz, Medical Director Pfizer Austria, said.

Sidekick’s clinically validated digital platform has a demonstrated history in helping people modify their behavior, increase medical adherence and better manage chronic illnesses and symptoms.

It has been rated in the top 0.1% in quality by the industry’s leading rating company Orcha, has over 30,000 users and clinical validation and successful customer launches across multiple therapeutic areas – ranging from type 2 diabetes to ulcerative colitis.

The company was recently selected out of over 850 applicants into Silicon Valley’s Plug & Play Health business accelerator and more recently it was named among the top 25 deep tech scale-ups in Europe by leading digital innovation organization EIT Digital.