Sidekick creates solution to remotely care for COVID-19 patients

The rapid rise of COVID-19 is pushing the world’s healthcare systems to the brink. Sidekick’s digital therapeutics platform was created to remotely support people with a variety of chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. And the need for such remote support is growing fast. Sidekick has adopted its platform to take the pressure off overburdened hospitals and healthcare clinics. And is working with Iceland’s national emergency services to provide a nationwide COVID-19 support program to remotely triage, support and manage infected individuals in home isolation. 
Healthcare professionals (HCPs) remotely monitor and manage a large number of patients and are called to action as needed, saving countless hours of phone calls for symptom evaluation, focusing their resources on the most urgent cases. With a stellar team of infectious disease specialists and data scientists, Sidekick has created an algorithm that helps HCPs more rapidly classify patients by disease severity. Through the CE-marked Sidekick COVID-19 program, patients self-report on a panel of symptoms and measurement multiple times a day.
 The system can be applied across geographies to improve use of critical healthcare resources, saving lives.