Sidekick named one of the best impact startups in the Nordics

Niklas Adalberth’s Norrsken Foundation is a Sweden-based organization focused on social technology entrepreneurship. The group seeks to invest in “impact companies” — those looking to creatively solve challenges for greater good in the world.

Making an impact

The Norrsken Foundation recently announced the launch of a major initiative to highlight companies they believe are making an impact. They revealed a list of startups nominated for the Norrsken Awards, and this fall the winners will be crowned during their new event, called Impact Week.

We’re not going to reveal the full list here, because, well, that wouldn’t be very socially good of us. The Norrsken folks deserve a visit, so head on over to their site for more details on #theimpact100.

Drums, please

What we will share is the special shoutout that Norrsken made for us (and the others on the list): a signature drum solo. So set your volume higher than mute but lower than max, pop in your headphones or AirPods, and enjoy the impact of these drumsticks:

At Impact Week in late September, three nominees will be honored. The prize consists of six months of mentoring services from McKinsey & Co., Brunswick Group and Mannheimer Swartling.

Before Impact Week, you’ll have a chance to nominate startups that the Norrsken Foundation may have missed. If you know any other teams doing good by doing well, suggest them for the list!