SidekickHealth selected for Health Hub Vienna, one of Europe’s top accelerators

In a four-stage process culminating in a selection board event in Vienna on March 15, SidekickHealth was one of 10 companies from nine countries selected to the Health Hub Vienna (HHV) accelerator program.

SidekickHealth co-founder and chief medical officer Dr. Saemundur “Sam” Oddsson was also honored with the award for best pitch among the companies invited to participate.

Transforming health care through innovation

The goal of HHV is to transform the health care system through innovation and entrepreneurship. Launched by INiTS and the UNIQA Foundation, HHV brings together pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, private and public insurance companies, healthcare suppliers and startups to develop new, holistic health solutions. INiTS is Vienna‘s high-tech incubator, which has supported several successful founding teams in the field of life sciences, such as mySugr.

The HHV program runs from March through June 2019 and is designed to help companies gain market access, build business networks and distribution channels, and scale their organizations for continued growth. HHV partners collaborating in the three-month program include UNIQA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, and other private sector and academic organizations.


A jury of business and science luminaries

The selection board for the event was comprised of leaders such as UNIQA Foundation CEO Peter Eichler, Michaela Fritz (MedUni Vienna), Alexandra Kautzky-Willer (MedUni Vienna), investors such as Hansi Hansmann and Johannes Strohmayer, and founders Sophie Chung (Qunomedical, Berlin) and Eszter Nagy (EveliQure Biotechnologies, Vienna).


New technologies to tackle pressing health needs

SidekickHealth is honored to be recognized among the best of the new class of innovations improving the health of populations across Europe and beyond. Our hats are off to our fellow members in the HHV program:

  • Datlowe: Automated, AI-based technology for the early detection and prevention of hospital infections
  • Doc+: One-stop software solution for patients to optimize diagnoses, medical assignments and disease treatment
  • Docdok.health: Cloud-based and cross-system health database for physician-patient communication
  • Doctorly: Cloud-operated management platform to increase the efficiency of medical practices
  • Infermedica: Self-learning chatbot for the initial diagnosis and assignment of patients
  • Knok healthcare: Self-diagnosis and telemedicine app
  • MedicSpot: Examination and diagnostic stations for low-threshold tele/online treatment
  • MindMate: Machine-learning and gamification-based patient recruitment for clinical trials
  • Scarletred: Mobile skin imaging app for measuring and diagnosing skin lesions