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Bayer and G4A Dealmaker Day
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Bayer selected SidekickHealth as one of 12 companies out of 1,800 G4A program applicants to join Dealmaker Day 2018, an exclusive event to connect with Bayer leaders and explore opportunities for collaboration on some of the world's most pressing health challenges, including women's health, radiology, oncology, and cardiovascular and kidney disease.
SidekickHealth selected for Bayer G4A Dealmaker Day 2018
As part of Bayer’s commitment to innovation, the company hosts the annual G4A Dealmaker Day event, bringing together promising technologies that support patients in addressing a broad range of health conditions. In 2017, more than 80 digital health innovators and Bayer experts joined up to study synergies and potential collaborations, leading to more than 10 partnerships.
In 2018 Bayer received over 1,800 applications across the company's G4A programs, and SidekickHealth was one of only a dozen startups invited to Berlin to present at G4A Dealmaker Day. More than 70 Bayer experts were involved in the selection process, evaluating solutions in 34 challenges across the company's therapeutic areas.
SidekickHealth's co-founders (bottom left) sit in on the closing session at G4A Dealmaker Day in Berlin. (Photo credit: @grants4apps)
SidekickHealth co-founders at Bayer Dealmaker Day in Berlin. (Photo credit: Bayer)
About SidekickHealth

Founded by doctors, SidekickHealth is a digital therapeutics company that empowers people to live healthy and prevent their risk for chronic diseases. Our clinically validated lifestyle change programs help organizations improve health outcomes and reduce costs at scale. We combine behavioral economics, artificial intelligence and personal coaching for a uniquely engaging experience that removes the barriers to behavior change and expands the possibilities of health and wellbeing. 

On October 9, SidekickHealth's co-founders Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson and Dr. Saemundur Oddsson met with cross-functional business teams from Bayer at the company's offices in Berlin to exchange ideas on disease prevention and management. The co-founders presented SidekickHealth's clinically validated approach to digital therapeutics, which blends behavioral economics with gamification and artificial intelligence to support health behavior change.
“Bayer has always been at the forefront of innovation in disease prevention and management, so we were thrilled to be invited to G4A Dealmaker Day and meet with their expert teams," said Thorgeirsson. "There is a tremendous opportunity to empower people to reduce their risk of lifestyle-related diseases, and it's exciting to explore how we can deliver effective tools to help realize that opportunity on a global scale."
Science and Technology for a Better Life
SidekickHealth's clinically validated platform engages people to make lifestyle changes and adopt health-improving habits. (Photo credit: SidekickHealth)
Bayer's expertise in life sciences spans more than 150 years, improving quality of life around the world through advancements in pharmaceuticals, consumer health, crop science and animal health. The company has an institutional commitment to delivering solutions that meet global health needs, reflected in their investment of €4.5 billion in research and development last year.
"We were honored to be chosen to join the innovators from Bayer and other technology leaders to share perspectives on the future of health care," said Oddsson. "It's clear that if we work together on the challenges facing patients, we can shape the future for the better."
As Bayer says, "You need commitment, focus and passion to find new ways to fight the diseases of this world: innovation is at the heart of it." We share Bayer's conviction in developing new and patient-centered approaches to health, and G4A Dealmaker Day was a showcase for how we can meet today's demands through a common purpose and spirit of innovation.