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Síminn and SidekickHealth have signed a partnership agreement that makes SidekickHealth's health technology platform part of Siminn's product offering.
Síminn and SidekickHealth form partnership
SidekickHealth is a solution developed by the Icelandic health care company SidekickHealth, which enables people to manage their health using a game-based approach. Clinical research, behavioral economics and artificial intelligence also guide users towards achieving their health goals. As users earn points for completing healthy activities, their efforts are rewarded in a variety of ways, including through the donation of clean water to help children in need.
The Sidekick program encourages relaxation, nutrition, and physical activity, and as a result, supports users along the path of a healthy lifestyle.
SidekickHealth CEO Tryggvi Thorgeirsson (left) and Síminn CEO Orri Hauksson (right).
About SidekickHealth

Founded by doctors, SidekickHealth is a digital therapeutics company that empowers people to live healthy and prevent their risk for chronic diseases. Our clinically validated lifestyle change programs help organizations improve health outcomes and reduce costs at scale. We combine behavioral economics, artificial intelligence and personal coaching for a uniquely engaging experience that removes the barriers to behavior change and expands the possibilities of health and wellbeing. 

"We have evaluated and participated in a variety of innovative projects in health technology, where there are many opportunities to help people with, for instance, coping with stress, living longer in their own homes and promoting their own health. Líflínan is a good example of our collaboration with Akureyri Hospital - which manages health care for sailors - where we use technology to shorten the steps when illness or accident occurs at sea. Síminn's collaboration with SidekickHealth is another step in this direction, of technology and medical science working together for good. We are excited about this partnership and are confident that many will benefit from it,"  says Orri Hauksson, CEO of Síminn.
"Our job at SidekickHealth is about using technology to spread and personalize health care and lifestyle training. Abroad, we have worked with pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies, and in Iceland and abroad, we have worked with dozens of companies in promoting the health and well-being of employees - improving productivity and reducing absence. Síminn has a very clear vision of taking part in the revolution using technology to improve health on a large scale, and is therefore a very exciting partner for us here in Iceland, " says Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, CEO and co-founder of SidekickHealth.
The company was founded by doctors Tryggvi Thorgeirsson and Sæmundur Oddsson, who decided to focus on preventing lifestyle-related illnesses instead of treating their symptoms. The chief product officer is Ólafur Viggósson, who has extensive experience in game and software development.
The Síminn announcement is available here in Icelandic. 

Read more about SidekickHealth on the Síminn site.