• Digital therapies designed for life

    Our gamified programs help improve health outcomes, create connections with clinicians and patients, and deliver data insights.

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    digital therapeutics

Lifestyle and treatment support
powered by data science and A.I.

We make it easier for people to take control of their health so they can live the life they want.

Behavioral research tells us that people’s lifestyle decisions are driven more by emotion than by logic. That’s why we employ concepts from behavioral economics to engage the emotional part of the brain and trigger positive health behaviors.

On top of an engaging gaming experience, we layer in personal coaching, condition-specific content and artificial intelligence for a program that guides the formation of new habits – from taking a new medicine to taking a mindful walk.

artificial intelligence for treatment support

People have access to a dedicated coach, community and condition-specific content.


They develop a health profile based on relevant data and activity logged in Sidekick.


Their profile data helps Sidekick make intelligent suggestions for future health-improving activities.


These suggestions form a personalized action plan in areas such as nutrition, exercise and mental health.


People can connect directly with a remote coach and other participants for help managing their health or condition.

Health Outcomes

Engage people to make real lifestyle change and improve treatment adherence.


Create opportunities to connect with doctors and patients to design improved therapies.

Data Insights

Develop a clearer understanding of patient population needs.

  • Strong clinical validation

    SidekickHealth users are up to 3x more likely to reach their 5% weight-loss goals.

    30% better treatment adherence

    Industry-leading retention – 80% after 4 months, 75% after 6 months.

    Our data show that Sidekick users log 8-12 activities per day

    *Results from randomized controlled trial (manuscript in preparation) and internal user efficacy studies. Read more.

    clinically validated
  • KOL clinical experts
  • KOL clinical experts

Collaborate with Experts

Sidekick works with you to create connections with leading doctors, researchers and patient advocacy groups to inform the direction of your therapeutic program.

We then use our expertise to produce digital content that integrates clinical guidance and patient feedback in an engaging and effective way.

  • Gain Data Insights

    With more than 50 million data points – and growing every day – we develop actionable insights based on behavior patterns and preferences. As an example:

    On average, Android users are 28% more likely to be introverts, have a 7% higher BMI and prefer these exercises:

    +35% Pushups, Swim, Breathe
    +510% American Football
    +410% Bowling, Hunting

    iPhone users are more likely to do these exercises:
    +60% Standing at their desk
    +31% Yoga
    +59% Skiing

    data insights
  • Do good while doing well

    Sidekick users reap altruistic rewards for their good work. The more they do the more they give.

    1. Complete healthy activities in Sidekick

    2. Collect points for meeting your goals

    3. Earn charity donations for a good cause, such as providing water and vaccines for children in need or planting trees

    altruistic rewards

It was fun, I was always earning points for veggies, water, workouts and even housework. I started doing mindfulness exercises with my four-year-old, which gave us great quality time together. Plus, I lost five kilos.

Hlynur HaukssonAirline Employee

I am really seeing results (finally 🙂) after having a little boy four months ago because the SidekickHealth app has made me more mindful and motivated.

EmployeeCity of Westminster

After 14 years of struggle, I feel for the first time that I will be able to improve
my health and achieve long-term success.

EvaSidekickHealth Program Participant

An employee who was frequently absent due to depression and anxiety participated in SidekickHealth’s lifestyle change program.  I’m pleased to say that for the past four months, this employee has only been absent for two days.

HR ManagerReykjavik City

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