Improve Your Health the Fun Way

We help providers and employers deliver quality lifestyle change
programs that promote health and tackle chronic diseases.

Meet your Sidekick

A gamified lifestyle change service that predicts, manages, and prevents chronic and lifestyle-related conditions.

Upgrade your Diet

Set food goals and practice mindful eating with the hunger meter. Get rewarded for fruit, vegetable and water consumption.

Let’s get Physical

Get going and keep going, we’ll give you the motivation you need. Choose from a variety of exercises, workouts and activities.

Peace of Mind

De-stress with a variety of breathing exercises, mindful body relaxation and guided meditation for that peace of mind.

The Fun Way… Seriously

A unique combination of behavioral economics, the latest
in gaming technology, and artificial intelligence.

Developed by Experts

Based on the latest brain research in collaboration with professionals from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Artificial intelligence and evidence-based guidelines combine to encourage users to make healthier choices that reduce risk factors.

A Lifestyle
Change Service

SidekickHealth targets the emotional systems in the brain, because this is where most lifestyle decisions are made.

Not convinced? Check out Behavioral Economics: Merging Psychology and Economics for Lifestyle Interventions co-written by
SidekickHealth’s CEO Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson and professor Ichiro Kawachi at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

We Help You Scale Quality
Lifestyle Change Programs


Less dropout*


More likely to reach 5% weight-loss goal*


Reduced Costs & Increased Value-Based Reimbursements

Scalable Lifestyle Change

SidekickHealth is an easy-to-deploy digital service for in-person programs.

Improved Outcomes

SidekickHealth users are up to 3x more likely to reach their 5% weight-loss goals.

Program Adherence

SidekickHealth users have up to 30% lower dropout rates than control groups that do not use the program.

Coach Portal

Coaches can use SidekickHealth anywhere via website, tablet or smartphone to educate, motivate, measure and manage lifestyle change.

Build a Sustainable Lifestyle Change Program

SidekickHealth can help you lower operational costs, improve outcomes, and increase value-­based reimbursements.

*Thorgeirsson et al. “Effects of a Gamified Mobile Application to Support a Lifestyle-Change Program in Adults: a randomized controlled trial.” In prep, 2018.

We Help You Promote
Health and Lifestyle Change


Health-improving exercises daily*

Including 44 minutes
of physical activity


Minutes spent on active relaxation weekly*

Reducing stress
and anxiety


Reduced frequency of sugar consumption†

Reducing risk for obesity
and type 2 diabetes

How Will SidekickHealth
Help Your Employees?

SidekickHealth helps employers lower costs by improving health outcomes and reducing burnout and absenteeism.

Lifestyle Change

On average, participants have 8 interactions with proven behavior modification activities every day, 7 days a week. We make it fun to improve your diet, increase your activity and relieve your stress.

Stress Management

SidekickHealth recognizes the role of stress management in behavior change and includes missions to promote mindfulness and relaxation.

Built-in Screening

Employers can identify and refer at-risk employees to evidence-based lifestyle change and health management programs.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Getting started with SidekickHealth at your workplace is easy. We will have your employees on board and ready to go in a matter of minutes!

*Internal user efficacy studies.
†Thorgeirsson et al. “Effects of a Gamified Mobile Application to Support a Lifestyle-Change Program in Adults: a randomized controlled trial.” In prep, 2018.

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