Our company
was incubated by medical doctors

Sidekick was founded by two medical doctors, who had worked for years treating patients with lifestyle-related illnesses. A staggering 68% of all deaths are related to lifestyle-related illnesses and the two co-founders, frustrated with dealing with the consequences, decided to explore ways to prevent chronic illnesses and help patients already suffering from such diseases to better manage them, boosting their quality of life and triggering much improved health outcomes.

The result from this collaboration was an idea to create a technical solution built on science, rooted in behavioral economics, which would be scalable across multiple therapeutic areas and drive it with gamification to maximize engagement and positive health outcomes.

Behavioral research tells us that people’s lifestyle decisions are driven more by emotion than by logic. That’s why we employ concepts from behavioral economics to engage the emotional part of the brain and trigger positive health behaviors.

We are recognized as digital therapeutic (DTx) leaders.

Our platform has been rated in the top 0.1% in quality by the industry’s leading rating company Orcha, has over 30,000 users and clinical validation and successful customer launches across multiple therapeutic areas – ranging from type 2 diabetes to ulcerative colitis.

Sidekick Health recently won the eHealth Award 2020, a Nordic startup award focusing on innovative eHealth solutions or products benefitting patients and the healthcare system. Sidekick was also selected out of over 850 applicants into Silicon Valley’s Plug & Play Health business accelerator, winning first prize at the 2019 Winter Summit in Sunnyvale. Furthermore, the company was among the ten winners of the 2019 EIT Digital Challenge, operated by Europe’s leading digital innovation organization.


Board of directors

Steven G. Auerbach
Executive Chairman

Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson
CEO & Co-founder, Sidekick Health

Dr. Regina Hodits
Managing Partner, Wellington Partners

Clara Campàs
Managing Partner & Co-founder, Asabys Partners

Gudmundur Oddsson
Partner, Head of London Office, Logos Legal Services


Alison MacNeil
Senior Product Manager

Aslaug Bjarnadóttir
Development Director

Atli Knutsson
Chief Strategy Officer

Birna Bjornsdottir
Director of Clinical Analytics and Development

Dominik Boeke
Senior Director Pharma Partnerships

Einar Þorarinsson
Senior Product Manager

Gulli Arnarson
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Gudmundur Eggertsson
Chief Financial Officer

Halla Helgadóttir
Director of Research

Hallur Hallsson
Program Creation Manager

Haukur Ingi Guðnason
Clinical Program Director

Helgi Kormaksson
Creative Director

Hildur Jonsdóttir
Quality Assurance

Hildur Harðardottir
Localization manager

Hordur Hauksson
Mobile Development Lead

Hrefna Thoroddsen
VP of People & Culture

Ivar Meyvantsson
Senior Director in Product Management

Kjartan Hrafn Loftsson
Director of Clinical Affairs

Kristinn Gylfason
Compliance Officer

Leifur Sigurðarson
VP of Product

Mark Slaughter
SVP in Pharma Business Development & Growth

Olafur Viggosson
Chief Product Officer

Sabrina Guelden
Director of Product Marketing

Saemundur Oddsson
Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Serene Touma
Director of Content & Knowledge

Sigridur Bara Ingadottir
Project Director

Soley Valdimarsdottir
Project Manager Program Creation

Stefan Freyr Gudmundsson
Director of Data Science and AI

Susanne Gruber
VP Pharma Partnerships

Thorir Gunnarsson
Software Architect

Travis Parkinson
Senior Director, Strategy & Development

Tryggvi Thorgeirsson
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


We help pharmaceutical companies, health insurers and providers transform chronic disease management with our clinically validated, gamified digital therapeutics platform.

Our digital health solution delivers engaging lifestyle and treatment support and is clinically validated to improve patient outcomes and treatment adherence across diverse therapeutic areas. Our combination of strong clinical excellence with game design, behavioral economics and A.I. has led to industry-leading retention and outcomes.

Pharmaceutical companies must show strong real-world clinical impact to facilitate market access and value-based reimbursements. Most experts agree that medical care alone has a limited impact on health and wellbeing, while up to 50% is linked to behavioral factors.

This is why combined approach of offering therapeutic-area specific digital treatment programs with life-changing medicines from international pharmaceutical partners delivers results and unique data insights into some of the world’s most pressing health challenges.

And because lifestyle-related diseases cause the majority of global health costs and deaths, the benefit for health insurers and healthcare providers is clear – prevention will sharply reduce overall cost, shouldered by private health insurers and healthcare systems, and symptoms management drastically increases the life quality of the relevant patient groups.