We strive to improve the health of humanity

“There is a void in the treatment of
chronic disease. Sidekick exists to fill
this void, to expand therapy, and to
digitally support people in finding
better health and happiness.”

– Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, CEO

We are here to help people feel better tomorrow than today and we are looking for passionate and deeply talented people to join us on this mission.

Job Openings

Improving health the fun way – seriously

Sidekick improves people’s lives through a combination of innovative technologies, human care, and data.

Sidekick’s mission attracts top-of-the line talent that is driven by a number of core factors and has created a strong and rewarding culture.

We are driven by a learning mentality

We are not afraid of mistakes, as long as we learn from them
There is no limit to personal growth
We value full openness and transparency, innovation and creativity

We value people over processes

Team members enjoy freedom and accept responsibility
Employees make decisions, not managers
We value problem solvers and creative, independent thinkers

We strive to be healthy in everything we do

We build healthy, collaborative relationships with each other
We have a positive effect on others
We have a strict no-jerk policy