We are unique

Our platform combines strong clinical validation with gamification, behavioral economics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to deliver a truly engaging and personalized patient experience that removes barriers to health behavior change.

Our A.I. technology, developed by trailblazers in the field and leading experts from the gaming industry, reads and rewards positive behavior and serves relevant content and programs, triggering a continuity of positive behavior.

Patients engage with a rich user experience, earning rewards for managing their nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and medication adherence. They also receive condition-specific education, and a connection to a community of health professionals and patients on a similar health journey. And our little helpers
– your personal Sidekicks – will help you stay the course.

Valuable data sets are collected throughout the journey – we have collected over 50 million data points – providing a deep understanding of behavioral trends

We are in the top 0.1%

Our platform has been rated in the top 0.1% in quality by the industry’s leading rating company Orcha.


We are leading the way

Our platform is clinically validated and scalable across multiple therapeutic areas, providing support to patients suffering from chronic illnesses ranging from diabetes to ulcerative colitis. It can be layered and fitted-for-purpose to work both as a prevention tool, as well as provide support and empower patients.

Disease-specific health education videos, recipes, and tips based on clinical guidelines, to improve patient awareness, empowerment and coping skills.

Personalized, AI-driven action plans, recommendations and motivation messaging, supported remotely by a community manager.

A gamified experience that promotes behavior modification to reduce stress, improve physical activity, sleep and diet, and overcome barriers to change.

Smart medication reminders to support treatment adherence.

Utilization of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to personalize recommendations and gain data insights.

A highly scalable platform, with fast and consistent performance, compliant with relevant regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA), and strong protection of user data, including encryption according to the military-grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.

We have a proven
track record…

Users are
more likely to reach
5% weight-loss

Sidekick users are three
times more likely to reach
their 5% weight-loss goals.

better treatment

30% higher program
adherence compared to
standard care.

retention after
four months

Industry leading retention –
80% after four months and
75% after six months.

activities per

Our data shows that Sidekick
users log 8-12 activities per day.

Improved blood
glucose control
Average HbA1c

Improved blood glucose
control, when relevant.
(average HbA1c reduction
8.3 mmol/mol).

reduction in patients’

40% reduction in patients’
perceived problems related
to their condition.

…and we gain valuable, interesting and fun data insights.

The data points we collect grow by the minute, giving us unbeatable knowledge to develop actionable insights, based on behavior patterns and preferences.

Here are some fun facts

On average, Android users are 28%
more likely to be Introverts, have a 7%
higher BMI and prefer these exercises:

+35% Pushups, Swim, Breathe
+510% American Football
+410% Bowling, Hunting

iPhone users are
more likely to do the
following exercises:

+60% Standing at their desk
+31% Yoga
+59% Skiing